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sho_greg 11-23-2007 07:06 PM

Aftermarket install help needed
I just bought a Jensen DVD off ebay... anyone who wants one... $250-270 I think... The one they sell at Wal Mart...

Anyways... I need to know how to get to the radio...

What wires are what...

I have the Radio dash kit and Radio Wiring harness coming... Any and all help appreciated.. I tried to get the blue sheets from Crutchfield but they dont even have any.


08 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited....

Im guessing my factory deck will be for sale soon if anyone knows of anyone that may want it... I am going to try to cancel the sirius and get my money but Im thinking that may not go so well... So it would have 11 months of sirius left...


Jase 11-24-2007 11:58 AM

Getting to the radio is pretty easy. Get a small screwdriver or tiny pry tool and lift up the back side (closest to the windshield) of the panel at the top of the dash. It is just a couple clips holding it there. When that pops up, it will pull forward slightly and come off. There is another panel at the bottom that pops off as well. I was able to pull from the bottom of it and get it. Once those are off, you have 4 screws to take out, then pop the whole dash piece out. Dont be scared to pull on this thing.. but if you break it, its your fault, not mine :D After the dash is out, there are 4 more screws that hold the radio in. I dont know anything about the wiring, but if you have a wiring harness it shouldnt be a problem.

Here are two more descriptions of the same process. Hopefully betweent the 3 of us, you can get it apart. Let me know if you have any other questions.


1. the flat top above the radio pop out from the front(by windsheild) it pops up from the back and then pulls tword you
2. bottom blank piece infront of the shifter pops out, i had to take shifter trim off to get it all the way out (6spd).
3. remove the 7mm screws from behind both previsoly removed parts
4. pop off the whole dash from top to bottom , its all one peice
5. take out 4 screws that hold deck in

The top section over the radio pops off from the back and rotates up and forward to come off. Under the power ports is another flat panel that pops out from the top edge (2 metal clips holding it) and has locating pins on the bottom edge. If you can't get the top out, try prying it carefully from the bottom corners and wiggling the top pins out from the sides. this is tight as the console gets in the way, but the plastic is flexible enough that it can be done.

Once you have these panels removed you will find 2 screws on the top and 2 screws on the bottom, remove them. Then grab the center panel at the bottom corners and pull while wiggling from side to side and you will release more metal clips holding the center section of the panel. The panel is all one piece.

Now comes the fun part!

I used a stubby phillips screwdriver to remove the heater controls from the panel (4 screws) and managed to unplug the power plugs from the switch bank (red clip on side must be pulled out to release plug). and the power port plugs have press releases on them.

btw: if you put your 4wd shifter in the neutral or 4 low position it makes things a little easier.

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