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DTS 01-24-2012 06:19 PM

Poison Spyder Crusher Corners for JK

Poison Spyder Crusher Corners™ for the JK provide ultimate protection for the vulnerable rear corners of your Jeep JK. Crusher Corners™ are full-corner protectors, extending from the rear tailgate, around the side, over the wheel openings and all the way to the door openings. Made of rugged 1/8" steel, JK Crusher Corners™ may be used with the stock JK fender flares or with Poison Spyder's JK Rear Crusher Flares™ for the ultimate combination of rear corner armor.

Poison Spyder JK Crusher Corners™ are unique among aftermarket corner armor, in that they provide full coverage while conforming to the compound curves and subtle contours of the JK body lines. Competitors' full corner protectors are brake-formed from flat steel, and may require the removal of large swaths of the stock sheetmetal in order to install them, or else leave unsightly gaps at the top and bottom. Poison Spyder Crusher Corners™ are precision tool-formed to match the JK body lines in a close-fitting overlay, requiring no cutting of the body except to clearance for the flush-mount LED lights. JK Crusher Corners™ come in a complete kit with stainless steel button head hardware. Drilling is required, as is installation of threaded "nut-serts" (Poison Spyder provides the nut-serts, a simple nut-sert installation tool and detailed instructions). JK Crusher Corners™ are shipped as bare steel.

JK Crusher Corners™ are available with several taillight provisions: Blank has no taillight cutouts, for those doing custom fabrication; LED for use with a flush mount 4" high intensity LED taillight; and for LED Taillights and Backup Lights. When installing LED taillights in the JK, we recommend using the LED Resistor Kits sold separately. These will correct the current in your JK's electrical system for proper functioning of the LED's. They are sold by each, two are needed for one Jeep.

Click Here for 4-Door Crusher Corners
2-Door Crusher Corners coming soon!
Click Here for 4" LED Taillights
Click Here for 2-1/2" LED Backup Lights
Click Here for JK LED Load Resistors

DTS 01-24-2012 06:21 PM


JK 2-Door Crusher Corners can now be ordered! The first production run will be completed next week. Get your orders in soon, as there is some pent-up demand for these and its possible the first run may sell out before its even completed :)

These are identical to the previously existing 4-door versions except that they are cut to provide maximum tub protection specifically for the 2-doors. One significant difference, however, is that JK 2-Door Crusher Corners are available with two different options for Rocker Armor Compatibility. On the Standard version, this edge is cut to correctly align with Poison Spyder's JK 2-Door Body Armor™ or Brawler Rockers™. The Extended version extends down below the curve of the door opening, for those who will be running the Crusher Corners without rocker armor, or with other manufacturer's rocker armor products, in which case the Crusher Corners may be trimmed to fit:

Check out the 2-Door Crusher Corners on our Website for more info, pricing, or to order :D

DTS 03-27-2012 02:33 PM

The best fitting corner armor for 2-Door or 4-Door JK's!

DTS 04-10-2012 04:53 PM

Thanks to Rusty Kennedy for this shot of his rig with our 2-door JK Crusher Corners (Crusher Flares too), at Inks Ranch in Texas!

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