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Jeepin Dave 01-27-2012 05:35 PM

Gecko & Crush
Somebody must like Crush and Gecko.
Historically I do not like orange, yellow or green vehicles. However, the three have been “growing on me” especially when they are on a Wrangler.
Currently in San Antonio, Texas consulting off San Pedro near the airport.
Needed to go by USAA Friday a week ago. There is a Jeep dealership across from USAA. The Jeep dealership had in stock two 2-door and 1 Unlimited in Crush. When I went back on Monday the Unlimited Crush and one of the Crush 2-door had been sold.
On San Pedro there is a Mazda dealership. They have a small car painted with a bright green, probably similar to what the Gecko will look like.
They had 4 of these. Sold 3 of the 4 in about a week.
If the Gecko is a similar color it will be a winner.
Someone must like these colors.

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