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larphead 11-30-2007 05:35 PM

and another legend is gone


02Prove 11-30-2007 07:03 PM

RIP Mr. Kinevel... :(

squarelightsahara 11-30-2007 08:51 PM

There was a great article about him in Maxim this month. RIP Evel!

Smeghead 11-30-2007 09:08 PM

Anyone who hasnt read his life story should read it.
He had a great life, lived it to the FULL but go no respect and only the shaft from close friends and family.
Great guy, a true ol sckool American Hero.

One punch cost him most of his fame and fortune but he never regretted it for a second lol
I know a few people that it would be worth the same to punch out

RIPBiker13 11-30-2007 09:36 PM

RIP Evel...

Levinoss 12-01-2007 01:12 AM

Who did he punch?


ruffnrdy 12-01-2007 02:24 AM

man the scars ive got from jumpin my bike in front of the house,think i was evil knievel!gonna miss him,but the memories will live on.god speed evil!

Smeghead 12-01-2007 03:25 AM

I cant even tell you the blisters I got on my hands as a kid winding up that gyro thing to launch the toy bike with Evel on it lol

Smeghead 12-01-2007 03:27 AM


Originally Posted by Levinoss (Post 165119)
Who did he punch?


Someone that wrote some nasty things about him, totally destroyed his character then after the punch and the jail term, his image. Read his life story, its quite something

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