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12JKUR 01-30-2012 09:42 PM

2012 wiring from 20,000 feet
I think I've read some where about the cbus, why and how it's better approach, don't remember the details.

Here is why Im asking...

I installed a hood pin switch and tied it into the gate negative alarm trigger. Works fine, handy the purple w/pink trace wire needed is at the passenger front "kick panel" area. Arm the alarm, pull on the hood, alarm goes off. If you lift the hood, dash shows gate it open, super!

Had an old Ungo shock sensor I wanted to add. I knew I needed a relay that eliminated +12v constant to the shock sensor so when the key was on the sensor would not be on/send a signal to the dome light and dash "gate" indicator.

I searched for switched 12v w/key and constant 12v at the radio. Hitting the wiring at the radio I found constant 12v and when I hit another wire looking for accy 12v, the wipers came on!!!!

I ended up grabbing accy/keyed 12v from the power window switch, all seemed fine except every once in awhile the idiot light for the air bags goes on for a bit, then off. Also sometimes I have to hit the power window switch(s) a couple time before they react going down.

My old school knowledge isn't up to par w/new jeep electrical systems apparently!!!

Any help is greatly appreciated to an explanation of the wirings system or pointers to some docs!!!!!

12JKUR 02-01-2012 03:06 AM

Didnt plug my window switch in all the way (not much room to play).

No more airbag light, windows work ;~)> hood switch and shock sensor working like a charm.

Still like to know more about what makes this electrical system tick!

schirmyver 02-16-2012 06:49 AM

I just subscribed to your other thread in the jku section. Thanks for the information. If I understand correctly, if I am only interested in adding the hood switch I can simply tie this wire into the purple w/pink wire under the passenger kick panel? I would only need the relay for adding a motion or shock sensor to prevent it from tripping while driving.

Can you post pics of where you put the hood switch and the exact location of the purple w
/pink wire?

I would consider using a mercury switch, but I think you would need the relay again.

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