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anamorph 01-31-2012 10:32 PM

Cliff's Insane Run 2-11-12
:punk:Hey all you heads out in Jeep land! Me and a few guys from Forum here are going to be heading out to the Cliff's Insane Terrain in 2 weeks for a Saturday of serious wheelin'! Anybody interested in going won't want to miss out(weather permiting)(rainy days suck's). "The Cliff's" is located on US Rt6 in Marseilles, IL, about 30 miles southwest of Joiliet. Don't know how we will be able to recognize anybody, but the name on my Jeep is "the GRINCH". $20 to ride all day long! See you there!:dance::dance::dance::wavey:

anamorph 02-07-2012 03:49 PM

Cliff's update
OK Jeep fans. The temperature forcast for this weekend isn't looking too good right now. Meteorologists are predicting below freezing temps for Saturday in the area and even colder away from the City. If temos don't get up to around freezing I may postpone my run because I am 2hrs away. Cold weather makes for bad climbing and bogging, and freezing temps just causes things to break easier. I will make a final decision on Thursday and post for those of you still interested. :nonono:

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