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richh789 02-01-2012 09:00 PM

bad u joint after soa
95 4 popper, 205k, soa, stock saggy springs, 1" trans drop. Moved rear forward 1", rotated rear upwards @ 2 less than shaft. Shaft is " farther into t case than stock. U joints are held in by clips, but no zerk. (Stock?)

Drove about 750 miles after soa before I started hearing a klunk letting out clutch. That turned out to be that the large bolt part of the trans mt was broken, and trans was moving WAYYYY up causing clunk. Replaced it and clunk went away. Had slight vibration from 30-40. Started to get worse now 2000 miles after lift. I checked shaft and font u joint has play, and pinion seal is damp.

My question is, could this be original joint? Any recommendations for replacement? Am I gonna keep smoking u joints? Should I lower t case? Lift motor? Any other shaft longer? If I move rear back, angle will b slightly better. Any other suggestios? Would love to get sye, or have custom shaft, just don't have the funds. Thanks in advance

richh789 02-03-2012 06:32 PM

Any opinions on cv style driveshaft without slip yoke eliminator? I can get 1 made with splicer u joints for just over 200 bucks. Contemplating buying that and having it made to the length that would work when the rear axle is stretched back farther. The perches I use to have 3 holes . it is in the front most hole now

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