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bigwormsTJ 02-06-2012 02:59 PM

anyone heard of trails in nlr ark??
Any trails around north little rock??

goldiepants 05-27-2012 12:29 PM

There are alot of trails out at the Quachita National Forrest. You can access the trails by heading down 67/167 and taking the Cantrell road exit right after you cross the arkansas river on I30 . Follow that all the way out past Maumelle lake. When the road T's you can turn left or right and access the trails from there. There's tons of creek crossings and tank traps. It is illegal to drive off of any trail. You cant just start driving off into the Forrest, but there are tons of trails out there. Camp Robinson has some good trails out towards the back of the post. If you have a military ID you can access the post. There are some really good trails out in Vilonia, but be careful not to wonder onto someone's private property, you could get shot at for trespassing....and then there is the highway 89 raceway that has tons of trails. It costs $11 a day, and I'm pretty sure you can drive a vehicle there as well as atv's but you should double check before you make the drive. And then the ultimate Superlift ORV park in hot springs. More info can be found on Arkansas Crawlers 4x4 club. Good luck buddy.

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