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new0wrangler 12-06-2007 01:07 PM

diff. locker
well i was stuck up really bad a couple days ago. so bad it took 2 days to get out. and while i was in the mud only two of my tires were spinning. wondering if you guys knew where to get a locker at

rketr 12-06-2007 01:31 PM

You can get 'em at just about any 4x4 shop or online. Just search for any of the following: "detroit locker", "ARB locker", "ox locker", "lockright locker", etc.

Which is the best is certainly up for debate. I think the only agreed upon fact is that a selectable locker up front (i.e. ARB or OX) is beneficial if you can spare the $.

My personal vote is for ARB front and back...can't go wrong there!

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