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OneLung 12-11-2007 04:33 PM

Windshield Replacement
Hi everyone,

I have been trying and trying to find someone who can tell me how to remove and replace the windshield in a 93' YJ Soft-Top Sahara. Or at least tell me where I can get the information.

So far, all anyone has provided me with is friendly advice to take the YJ to a glass shop. Well, duh!! :confused: If I need advice, I'll call my mother.

What I have is a 93 YJ windshield frame with cracked glass in it. I also have a new piece of glass. What I want is to use this frame to TEACH MYSELF how to properly replace the glass.

There must be someone out here that has done it before and is willing to give me some insight on how it's done, what to do, what to watch out for, etc. so I can use the information as a guide and not just do it blind.

Thanks in advance,


skeeter 12-11-2007 05:38 PM

We just replaced mine a few months ago.
We got a new windshield from the local wrecking yard for less than $100 when glass shops were quoting us over $300
We got that and some black RTV sealant in the tubes like caulk (you use alot of this nasty crap) and got started.
The windshield seal is 2 pieces, we were worried when we took it out because we thought we'd ripped it but it's supposed to be 2.
Use a dull smooth screw driver to slide under the seal cut the sealant if you need, the dull screw driver is sharp enough to cut through the sealant but not the rubber seal so you can reuse it.
Once you have the old windshield out, clean everything up very well.
Next put the outside seal around the windshield with the seam at the bottom.
Grease the windshield frame where the windshield will sit with a liberal amount of the RTV sealant but be careful not to get much on the outside.
The next step takes at least 2 people, preferably 3. Take the windshield and carefully set it in the frame and then hold it in place while you or your partners get some straps and rolled up towels or somesuch.
You need to keep pressure on the windshield while the sealant dries. place the rolled up towels in the center of the windshield on both sides and then strap around the frame and over the pads to apply pressure.
Let it dry for a few hours and then fill the channel on the inside with sealant and install the inside rubber seal.
It's a messy job, have plenty of paper towels or rags handy and clean up any mess you make immediately, that crap is hard to remove when it dries.

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