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Drock1979 02-13-2012 03:46 PM

New Lift combo question?
I think I have finally decided Id like an OME lift due to wanting to improve my ride on and off road. My research has lead me to believe i need to add either a body lift or BB to fit 33s. I want a lift that will improve my ride and last so I want it done right for as little $ as possible and not worried about being as high as the next guy, I actually prefer stay as low as I can while having good articulation fitting a 33. So starting with an OME 2" lft, My questions are as follows.

1. Will a body lift or adding a set of budget boost pucks (i currently have 1 and 7/8 pucks now) do the trick? Which is better?

2. I have seen a 4" shock from them, will this and longer springs give me a 4" lift that does just as good as the 2?
3. Trying to keep the cost down are there any suggestions on how to fit 33/1250 with this lift and some combo of other BL or BB that will allow good flex and improve overall ride? Thanks for the help so far guys, I am finally getting to fix her up with the help of this forum!

Also, I have decided on MT classic 2 in black and either BFG KM2s or Duratracs My jeep is black so I am trying to go all black and woud love to see some pics if you got something similar. The local guy is trying to convince me to go with NITTO trail Grapplers instead, can anyone give me advice on the best tire of these three for DD/WW? THanks again.

Drock1979 02-13-2012 05:58 PM

any and all help is appreciated.

bobthetj03 02-13-2012 09:13 PM

OME 2.5" combined with a 1.25" BL and a MML should let you run 33's. Lot's of good threads on Duratracs and KM2's. Don't rule out Goodyear MTR's. Great combo DD, WW tire. I've had the OME lift for 5 years and no sagging and the shocks are smooth.

Drock1979 02-13-2012 09:46 PM

Thanks bob. I havent ruled out much lol, but Im trying like crazy. It is so hard to decide how and what to do as far as lifts and tires.

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