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dwward 02-14-2012 05:27 PM

Fog/Driving light kit for 9145/H10?
Hey all. I recently put on a Smittybilt JB48-FT and JB48-RT because I wanted a prettier bumper and put a nice big dent in the OEM front one recently. It has room for 2 fog/driving lights on the front bumper and was wondering what everyone else has used. I still have the wiring for the fog lights taped up to the grill and would like to be able to use them if possible. All of the fog light/driving light kits I've found though are H1 or H3 and won't work with the 9145 male ends on the stock wiring. Is there an easy solution for this that doesn't involve rewiring or am I stuck? I still have the OEM fog lights I took out of the front bumper - is there a kit that will allow me to case them so they can be bolted onto the new bumper?

Also, unrelated: shift knobs - I understand the shaft for the JK is unthreaded. Will I be able to get away with buying just any after market knob and cramming it onto the shaft or do I need to look for something special.

Unrelated #2: Seat covers for JK. Anyone had any luck with a good fit from something they bought at pep boys/auto zone or do I need to special order online?

Thanks in advance!


dwward 02-14-2012 07:16 PM

Don't know what post-bumping etiquette is here. I included a pic of the bumper for reference. The two knobby things below the top bar are the mounts of course.

If no one has had any luck with using the 9145 wiring is there a guide anywhere for stripping/clamping the wiring to make it H1/H3 compatible? will the comp shut it down if I do this (since I'm assuming H1/H3 has a higher voltage demand)?

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