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texas_redneck88 02-15-2012 09:16 AM

Is it worth puttin' duals on a soft top?
I put a post up awhile back 'bout a couple questions w/ the soft tops and I forgot to add this one in. I'd like to eventually install dual exhausts whenever I get my wrangler, but will I have to shout at whoever is ridin' w/ me just to be able to hold a conversation? I'm a fan of glass packs, I have two 12" glass packs (true dual) on my truck, but I'm thinkin' that might be much for a wrangler. IDK what kind of exhausts to go w/ that will give that V6 a mean and aggressive sound, but somethin that I won't have to shout over. Any suggestions?

Beastmaster 02-15-2012 06:19 PM

it's up to you but ya, it would be noisey. Then again running with the top down and with off-road tires is loud. It all goes with the territory.:rolleyes:

Id suggest you post your future question on one of the other forum areas, you'll get more responses since this area is pretty much just for welcoming new folks.:D

Happy Jeeping.:thumb:

LilYeller 02-15-2012 06:30 PM

Not easy to run a true dual exhaust on a wrangler since they are very narrow and have huge gas tanks. I have taken my previous vehicles to one shop and they have put dual exhaust on almost all my other cars like my 2 cadillacs, mustang, and grand wagoneer but they couldnt get the dual to fit on my TJ. Sadly i had to settle with a single magnaflow on it but it does still sound great and trust me when I say that the exhaust will be the last thing you need to worry about when inside the Jeep trying to talk to people lol.

blkrubi88 02-15-2012 07:11 PM


jsmithtx 02-15-2012 07:31 PM

Welcome. I would stick to the single.

shell 02-15-2012 09:03 PM


JDsDream 02-16-2012 06:29 AM

Welcome to the Forum

Templar 02-16-2012 11:12 AM

Welcome to WF :)

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