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hazaelnolasco 02-16-2012 11:04 AM

how good are cj5 5.38 axles in a yj?
hello, I am planning to change axles in a yj, i have a pair of 5.38 cj5 axles, I know they are short , but I am planning to use spacers and wide rims for the wheels. My question is, how storng are this axles? and would you recommend me to use them in my YJ? other question, what is the max tire sise I can use with this axles? i read i chart that says that 5.38 gears can use 40s tires, is this possible with the cj5 axles?or what would be the best configuration for this axles?

95YamJam 02-16-2012 04:52 PM

Depends. Rears are either d44 or amc 20. The front should be a d30. Both rears are decent the 20 being better than the 44 imho when you do some work to it. Stock the d44 is slightly better. as for the d30 it might be a LP but some of the same stuff applies to the yj d30. Good shafts and some other mods and it can be goo too. But yes other than being narrow as hell not bad if you got them for a decent price.

If you are gonna run 40's on those and beat the snot out of them they might give you some issues but if they are trussed and modded a bits they should be ok. With some minor work on 35's they'd be good too.

I think your gonna have some issues getting them to fit. The spring perches are like 6" different center to center and I am pretty sure the total width difference is about 4". These aren't exact numbers by any means though.

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