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nsashbl01 12-14-2007 09:57 AM

Odd Charging Issue on my 350 Wrangler...
I have a customized 95 YJ with a chevy 350/700R4, etc. I noticed it wasn't charging correctly after a swapped motors from another small block it had. the problem was likely there before I just never drove it at night so didn't see it. The wiring is pretty gutted and there's no PCM. First thing I did was check the battery and alternator which both tested good. I replaced them anyway but the problem still continued. Then I realized the alt was wired "hot" due to no external voltage regulater. So I said screw it and just purchased a one wire, self exciting alternator. (powermaster) But after swapping that I still have the same issues. Here's the deal...

No more than 12 volts or so at the alt, battery, or anywhere. When you drive for a while at low rpm's you may get the alt to climb to 14V, but the minute you raise the rpm, or give it any load it drops to 12 or less again. The jeep has a standard Chevy HEI with teh coil built in. I tried disconecting the tach, and other than that there's not much to it. The battery is grounded to the block and the frame. The als is wire to the fuse block with a heavy gauge wire.

I am not a professional mechanic but I have built alot of cars in the last 20 yrs and never had something that I couldn't figure out but this is stumping me. I also can't find a local guy in the North Chicago burbs that will touch something custom like this. HELP!

Scotty355 12-14-2007 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by nsashbl01 (Post 171673)
The als is wire to the fuse block with a heavy gauge wire.

I tried to find some directions for wiring from their website and if I read it correctly the wire from the alternator should go directly to the battery. I could be wrong without knowing which model you purchased.

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