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VSantoro 02-17-2012 09:17 PM

Does this sound like it will work?
I am a new owner of a 2000 TJ, 2.5L 5 Speed. Just bought a new soft top, has pacesetter headers (brand new 2.5 rebuild), 63mm throttle body. everything else is pretty much bone stock.

My wish list I am planning is as follows:

4.25 Zone Combo Lift kit (~550)
33 x 9.5 15" tires BFG all terrain (like the tall skinny look) ~1K for 5
Simple tubular bumper style with winch

Has 4.10's stock, debating if i need to do gears in it. I was thinking if i get some more power from some of the mods, it may not be too bad, especially with the lighter skinny tires.

85% DD, most off-roading is heavy mountain areas, usually big snowfalls and allot of trail riding to get to hunting spots. Rarely on the highways.

Any other equipment i could substitute to make this combo any better?

Thanks in advance

cheap_jeep 02-17-2012 09:47 PM

Do gears! If you put want it back to stock rpm put 4.88 gears in it. It will act as if you still had the stock tires on it. If not, you'll pulling his in third and 5th will be for the flats only.

VSantoro 02-17-2012 10:17 PM

Thanks, does anyone have any pictures of a set-up similar to this. I see allot of 33 x 12.5's and 10.5's, but not many with the 9.5's and a 4.25 combo.

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