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Wrangler-mat 02-19-2012 02:22 PM

89 Wrangler HEI Upgrade help
Recently purchased the CRT HEI upgrade kit. When installing I found the ignition module not a problem, testing the yellow wire and it was a switched 12v power source so I clipped it there and ran a wire to the new distributor, used the green/white stripe wire from the original coil to the tach side of the HEI dist. The instructions say I could now take out harness from point a-b, so I didn't remove it fully but clipped the positive side from the coil from the main harness. Now I do not have power to anything in the Jeep. If I run a jumper from the positive side of the battery to the clipped end of the distributor wire it all comes back. What did I do wrong and how can it be fixed? Anyhelpwould be greatly appreciated!!

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