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05wranglerx05 02-20-2012 11:05 PM

Lights dimming?? Why
Every time i press my brake pedal my lights dim for a second, also when i get to 2000 rpm they dim and flash??? Why is this?? Can anyone help???????

05wranglerx05 02-21-2012 09:58 AM


Redsand 02-21-2012 10:01 AM

What are your volts reading

CoyoteOn2 02-21-2012 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by Redsand (Post 2057034)
What are your volts reading

I'm thinking along the same lines ^^, Alternator output issue.

05wranglerx05 02-21-2012 07:58 PM

My volts are reading around 14 and are not bouncing around. It is steady

doclouie 02-21-2012 08:07 PM

Define dim and flash. Do they totally turn off? Your alternator only puts out the amount of current/amps that is needed for the system. Usually there is not much of a load needed in the system so it just puts out a minimal amount of amps. A light is nothing more than a short so when you hit your brakes more amperage is needed and the alternator kicks in for this, but it takes a little time for it to kick in. What you see as a dimming of the headlights is the time between the alternator putting out its normal amperage at the level it is at and the a higher amperage needed when the brakes lights come on.

05wranglerx05 02-22-2012 12:13 PM

There not flashing, you can tell that it gets dim like its not getting all the voltage when you first hit the brakes they dont go out they just get weak looking

obidya 02-22-2012 02:15 PM

Take it to local auto parts store and have them test the alternator. Most will do it for free.

05wranglerx05 02-23-2012 10:35 AM

Thats just what im gonna do, thanks

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