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TJe0454 02-21-2012 04:10 PM

Who makes a relay panel/box/etc.?
looking for something to house my relays for my lights. not going to spend 300+ on an sPod...and i dont want them all over the place in the engine bay as they are presently...ive searched all over! helppp

TJe0454 02-22-2012 09:30 AM


TheTJRod 02-22-2012 12:27 PM

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I got just the thing for your relays. You can get 5 relays and all relays and the relay coils are fuse protected. It comes fully wired with different color wire leads. It's also more water proof than the stock fuse box. Best part is they are only $105 with relays and fuses included shipped and comes in 3 different wiring configurations. Your over have that cost if you just went out and bought the standard relays and harness and fuses and holders. WagonGear sells them, at the bottom of the page "Universal Auxiliary Relay Box". Here is a thread post with a detailed description of them and the configurations are on post #11.


Config A: In this configuration, the relays are turned on by switching the relay control wire to ground. This is the simplest configuration. There is no need to locate and tap into any vehicle wires for this configuration. However, if you wish to use switches with indicator LEDs in them, or if you wish for the relays to be disabled when the ignition switch is off, you should consider Config B or C.

Config B: In this configuration, the top three relays are switched on by 12 Volts that comes from the battery or ignition. The obvious advantage for an ignition activated/de-activated relay is that you won't run your battery dead if you accidentally leave something on. Any switches with an LED indicator will require this option. The bottom two relays are configured with switched ground just like all the relays in Config A.

Config C: All the relays in this configuration are 12 Volt switched. For Config B and C, I provide a 15 amp fused non-switched wire coming out of the relay module that you can use as a 12 volt source for the switches or whatever else you would like.

There is also another way. Check in your stock fuse box. You most likely have a few empty relay spots and fuse spots. Not sure if other year TJ's have it but my 03 non-Rubicon still has an empty slot for the extra relays for the lockers. I picked up an extra relay block from the junk yard that will fit in the empty slot that takes 4 of the narrow relays. I'm going to use that to run my off-road lights, rock lights, compressor, and whatever else I might add. Won't be easy but will look stock and I don't have to find any extra room.

Peepers 02-22-2012 12:35 PM

I used a tupperware box for my fuses and all my relays are screwed into the back of the engine compartment.

TheTJRod 02-22-2012 02:24 PM

When I installed my electric fan and whenever the controller got a little wet it would fail. I bought a hobby box from radio shack finally got around to installing the three way switch that turns it off-on-auto. The hobby box was the perfect size for the advanceauto fan controller, two relays and fuse holder. Just did it yesterday. Still need to wrap the wires.

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