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HighCrawler 12-17-2007 10:15 PM

A couple of Jeep NewB Questions!
I have a 92YJ 2.5L 5speed


1. Is there any free mods you can do to Jeeps?

2. What is the most economical (best bang for the buck) 3in lift I can buy for my application?

3. What paint and materials do I use to repaint my hard top or tub?

4. I want to repaint my jeep exterior flat army green or camo, what paint do you guys use?

5. What is the most economical bull gaurd and fog lamps I can buy?

6. In what web site can I find all Jeep OEM parts?

LOL! Dont mean to be cheap but Im trying to save some cash for Christmas!

Thanks In Advance guys :)

HighCrawler 12-21-2007 12:36 AM

Anyone what to help a fellow Jeep Newb.....?????? :(

Grandpa Jeeper 12-21-2007 08:14 AM

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Originally Posted by HighCrawler (Post 174263)
Anyone what to help a fellow Jeep Newb.....?????? :(

You mean camo like this?

jeepdude1987 12-21-2007 11:02 AM has a bunch of replacement parts. I don't know about painting the top, but if you are getting automotive paint then it should work for both I suggest Dupont mid-level paint and they have a clear coat that is super scratch resistant. It is used on carnival rides where people walk on it and on big construction rigs like Caterpillars and such, but if you have runs in the clear they are a pain in the A** to get out cause the clear is so hard.

4 Wheel Drive Hardware(sight listed above) is a good place for a inexpensive lift the have their own, or shop around on here and various other forums. Check ebay too, though I would only look for new ones on there. This is a good lift from what my friend said, he got it a while back.

I Don't know of any free mods that will improve your 2.5, but that is how efi is. there are some stuff that you can bolt on that'll help but not hugely.

Look at 4wd hardware for the bull bars they have I really like a smittybuilt they have, but they have some less expensive things there. I don't think that the cheapest light are really a good idea, but autozone and wal-mart have really cheap lights. I would ebay some 100watt KC or similar.

fly's~yj 01-11-2008 02:35 PM

a couple of answers
i'v heard and am going to do this myself..krylon fusion, is the way to go on the hard top, i have seen pics and they all seemed to come out nice..for the tub interior, i used came out far as bang for the buck lifts..a body lift is the cheapest, but highly not recomended for over a 1" lift. longer shackles will raise it a bit, but i wouldn't recomend more than a 3/4 is best to save up, a four inch lift , will also need a few extras to think about, drive line, slip yoke elimination, etc..but in the long run, it is the best way to go, some of the smaller lifts 2.5, are easier to far as free mods, there are lots, but 'free' is a loaded word, it's best to think 'under a hundred' jc whitney, qudra trac and 4wd hardware are all good recources for parts, oem and other, also the dealership has many and also look into criags list, lots of stuff there..good luck on your it to be un-breakable, then go out and break it~fly

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