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Blackpony04 02-21-2012 10:40 PM

Strange stalling/won't restart issue
So I replaced my IAC Valve a couple of months ago due to the Jeep suddenly not starting even though it ran fine when last parked earlier in the day. I had an initial issue a few days after the install with the valve not being set properly which caused another failure to start issue but after removing it and properly setting it's been fine ever since.

Fast forward to today. I'm backing out of my driveway after the Jeep started fine like normal when it suddenly stalled as I was turning the wheel and wouldn't restart. First thing I did was remove the IAC and it looked fine and was still at it's proper setting so I just reinstalled it and the Jeep started fine. I plan on returning the IAC and replacing it with another one in case it was faulty from the manufacturer but could there be another issue I should be looking into? Would a dirty throttle body cause issues like that? I could see a dirty MAF sensor causing similar issues but does my Jeep even have one? I should add that the previous two occurrences with this problem only happened at the initial attempt to start and never while the vehicle was already running.

It's a '99 I6 w/AT and 94k.


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