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NizmoTJ 02-25-2012 03:56 PM

NizmoTj's 1999 TJ - First Jeep
Just bought a 1999 TJ sport locally. Looking to do some mild offroading during the year and the once a year trip to Moab. I'm coming from 2010 Xterra OffRoad (pictured below). I got rid of the Xterra because it was my DD and weekend warrior. I was beating the piss out of something I still owed money on, not to mention the mod addiction I had. So I sold all the parts, brought it back to stock, and traded it in on a 09 civic hybrid. Then took the extra cash I had and bought 99 TJ. Right now I think the TJ is pretty well equipped but theres a few things I need to do before my trip to Moab with the Nissan crew in May.

The Xterra

The new rig
1999 Wrangler TJ Sport.
4.0 inline 6,
Flexalite Efan
Dana 30 Front Axle,
Dana 44 Rear Axle,
extreme short shaft SYE
New front and rear driveshafts
3.73 Gear ratio
Riddler Diff covers for both diffs. (currently painted bright blue, but that needs to change)
4.5" Rubicon Express Super Flex short Arm kit with Bilstein 5100 shocks.
Front sway bar disconnects
1" body lift.
33x12.5 Geolanders on 15" Eagle Alloy rims.
Durango 4x4 Rear tire carrier, jerry can mounts, and storage rack.
Sahara two-tone seats.
Soft top or optional smittybuilt mesh half top.
It even came with the jeep elitest douche attitude. Ill keep that in the garage when I come to Moab, as I know how capable the Xterra is.
So the Jeep drives outstanding for having 140k on it. Everything has been maintained very well. The body is also in great condition. Besides one minor dent near the front driver door and the NV pinstriping, its flawless. No rust. It drives surprisingly smooth on road and has verry little if any squeaks. As for offroad it flexs alot better then the xterra but driving down a washboard road is jarring to say the least. My titan swapped Xterra defitnly has the Jeep beat as far as flying down a trail at 60mph, i can barely do 20mph without myself getting thrown around. Not a big deal though, 1. i shouldnt be flying down a trail doing 60mph anymore and 2. i understand its just not built for that. Then again the modding has not even started on this thing. As far as crawl capabilities.... I would compare the jeep to a Goat that just wants to power through everything under its own power while in 4Lo... while the Xterra was more of Tank that needed a little bump through everything.

Immediate maintence needed:
Ebrake adjustment
Oil Change
Radio is on even if the key is out. I think the guy who installed just swapped the red and yellow wire. Anyone who has wired a radio before should know what Im talking about.
Front sway bar disconnects have heims that squeak on every bump
Rear tire carrier is weird. The swing arm mount's big bolt keeps loosening up. I think it needs reinforcement. Its not like it loosens up to where its going to fall off but enough to hear the swing arm rattle on bumps.

Mods before Moab:
ARb rear locker
skids and sliders
interior lights
offroad lights

Rpkittle 02-25-2012 04:51 PM

Welcome! That looks like a very nice jeep, and properly modified too! I maybe wrong, but I think 4.10 gears in the read differential was preffered with 33's. Plan on going bigger on the tires? Nice that it already has the D44!

Mudweiser 02-25-2012 05:17 PM

Good looking Jeep and is decently set-up for the mild off-roading you mentioned. Im sure the Jeep mod addiction will be worse then the Xterra one. Good find and have fun with it.

NizmoTJ 02-26-2012 08:56 PM

I was thinking of going up to 4.56 when I get the ARB locker put in, so Im ready for 35's when the time comes. I might not have 35's for another year though... is this a bad move? Only reason I want to do it now, is the ARB locker available for the dana 44 comes in two versions, one for up to 3.73 and the other one is for every ratio above 3.73.... so I figured I defitnly dont want to keep ripping the rear apart.

The jeep is going to be my dedicated rock crawler/recreation vehicle but I still need to it to do the occasional long distance trip to as far as Moab.

bobthetj03 02-26-2012 09:16 PM

And I thought your other car was gonna be a Z! LOL!

Kevbz 02-26-2012 09:21 PM

wait till you see the aftermarket support for TJ's, you'll have dreams of parts floating in your head, and nightmares of the $$$ signs!

NizmoTJ 02-27-2012 02:50 AM

hahaha, ya. nissan seemed to be redhead step child of the aftermarket world. Even the "dana44" that came on the xterra could not fit anything from a traditional dana44. The Xterra was pretty capable for an IFS vehicle, I did posion spider, metal masher (skipped widow maker), steel bender, and top of the world with ease last year at Moab. My Xterra was decently modified... pretty much as far as your can take a bolt-on IFS truck. It had a stock elocker, but for example it took 6 years for gears to come out. There seems like theres no limits with the TJ... just trying to stay within budget is going to be hard.

NizmoTJ 04-05-2012 04:01 PM

So the progress begins.

Recently order 4.56 gears, 35 spline rear axle shafts, and an ARB rear locker for my D44. Also received skid row rad, steering box, and engine/trans skid, ARB mini compressor, weld on D30 lower control arm plates, and a blue sea fuse block.

Compressor, 7" Hella HID's, CB radio, and Efan are all wired to the fuse block.

Recent pic from Tie rod canyon

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