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DSmith1178 02-28-2012 07:07 AM

2012 Infinity upgrades
Im planning on upgrading the infinity system in my 2012 Rubicon (730 nav unit) when I get it but Im very confused about the stock infinity amp. Id like to change out the front speakers and tweeters as well as soundbar and sub. Using the search button reveals 50 different opinions on how the infinity amp works. Some say when installing an aftermarket component set, DO NOT use the supplied cross over box because the infinity amp internally crosses over the frequency of each channel. Others say you MUST use the new crossover, at least for the tweeters because the signal going to the tweeters is not crossed over and Jeep installs a "bass blocker" type filter on the stock tweeters. Has anybody once and for all solved this mystery by hooking up a full range speaker to the stock tweeter wire and seeing if it only passes high frequencies through?? How about the mid bass speaker? Although thats not as critical as the highs.

Also.....has anybody successfully used the stock sub wires to feed an aftermarket amp that has speaker level inputs? Im going to go with the JL stealth box and dont know if I can use existing wires to feed amp or if I have to tap into soundbar speaker wires. Remember, im only using external amp for sub. Now the stupid part of my novel questions, can you still control the sub volume level through 730 if using speaker level inputs. Ive never installed an amp with using rca connectors.


pasteris71 02-28-2012 07:22 PM

Are you going to sell the factory radio? If so let me know,

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