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Renaissance_Redneck 02-28-2012 09:51 AM

Just a commentary on odd bolt sizes in my CJ....
While tearing down my '80 CJ5, I've encountered what I consider a bizarre mish-mash of bolt head sizes. While most of the bolt heads are SAE, I am finding a surprising number of metric heads. There are two 15mm bolt heads along with SAE bolt heads on the power steering pump brackets alone. And, there is ONLY one single size of socket and wrench that I don't have in my extensive tool collection; that's right, I didn't have 15mm tools! Since I couldn't fit a crescent wrench into one of the tight spots, I had to run to town for 15mm tools.

This Jeep has been in my family since it was purchased brand new off the dealer's lot. My father did a bunch of mods (and then "undid" many of them) on the engine and emissions system, so a bunch of wrenches have been turned inside that compartment. I'm not sure if the odd bolt sizes were "standard" for the model year, or perhaps AMC was just trying to get rid of an overage of odd-sized bolts, or if a mechanic had changed them around.

Whatever the case, the experience has served to force me to better organize my tools! That's the silver lining.


MechanicJay 02-28-2012 12:33 PM

My '86 Cherokee was similarly frustrating to work on. A completely incoherent mix of SAE and metric. My '06 LJ is the same, though slanted more towards metric.

I've always kind of guessed that as components were redesigned/updated, they were redone with metric sizes, since the world is going that way, you know? ;) In '80, you probably got the first wave of metricization -- might have been Renault's influence as well?

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