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lilrebel 02-28-2012 10:47 AM

Jeep lover hello
I am new to the Wrangler Forum. I own a 2011 Wrangler Sport with a rock climbing package. I previously owned a 1996 Wrangler Sport and LOVE MY JEEP.
Shortly after purchasing my Jeep I had an accident that involved the (R) front passenger fender and the steering box, shocks, tire rod, crossover bar were all replaced. I am now getting alot of movement in teh Jeep when I drive bumpy roads. It feels as though I have a flat tire. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

wedu22 02-28-2012 11:24 AM

Welcome to the WF.

Beastmaster 02-28-2012 12:10 PM

I'd check the track bar connections.

Welcome to the forum!

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lilrebel 02-28-2012 01:49 PM

Thanks Beastmaster. A couple of people have suggested checking the track bar.

Beastmaster 02-28-2012 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by lilrebel (Post 2084120)
Thanks Beastmaster. A couple of people have suggested checking the track bar.

Ya, I bought my '07 JKU back in September.
I had a similar problem:
Hopefully your problem isn’t this bad.

JDsDream 02-28-2012 03:28 PM

Welcome to the Forum Lilrebel

OklaTJ 02-28-2012 03:30 PM

Welcome to the forum

shell 02-28-2012 06:45 PM


Barrie 02-28-2012 06:47 PM


Templar 02-28-2012 07:17 PM

Welcome to WF :)

SilverSport 02-28-2012 10:26 PM

Welcome Aboard! :wavey:

blkrubi88 02-29-2012 03:51 AM


MrSig 02-29-2012 04:28 AM

Welcome and enjoy the forum!

jsmithtx 02-29-2012 08:41 PM

Welcome. I'd check track bar and all bolts.

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