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Cowboy6686 03-01-2012 09:04 PM

Hood Latches Review
So not to long ago I ended up buying some new hood latches for my 2002 Jeep... I noticed in one of old ones it was tearing apart... on top of that I also noticed alot of hood fluttering... which can get annoying and put more wear and tear on the OEM hood latches...

I poped over to and went buzzin around for some new ones, on the site the hood latches prices vary from around 10+ US dollars... all though in a way they're a kit with the end pieces and the rubber piece already installed.... I didnt want to deal with having to take it all off and put it back together! I just wanted the center piece!! so I came across this

Daystar Part KJ09146BK - Hood Latches by Daystar for Jeep

Hood Latches by Daystar

which is good upgrade and VERY easy to install...

One thing the instructions mentioned to do was to remove the entire assembly from the jeep and apply it in a vice.. which is not needed... Cut the rubber in half... or at one end of each of the two plastic pieces... then when the rod is exposed that holds the two piece of plastic to the rubber... grab a pare of like cutting pliers... like the ones you'd use to cut wire with.. and put the pliers in the center... squeeze hard and once you hear the snap... they should come apart! (there is a piece of metal in the center so your not cutting all the way through just the plastic shell) then its as easy as installing the new pieces with a bit of lubricant (we used a bit of caliper grease) and close up the hood!

On testing.. the hood has no fluttering now.. it doesnt even bounce at all... it takes a bit more strength to close up the latches now.. but who'd be complaining?

Anyways I figured Id just let people know that if you have a 97 or newer jeep.... in my opinion these are the way to go if you want something good for about 24 US dollars :)

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