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Rothern22 03-01-2012 09:57 PM

Need some advice from the experts
I know, another lift questions but I still have some specific questions I need answered. Right now I have a 97 I6 with 5 speed on 32s no lift. I have a Ford 8.8 with limited slip set up for a TJ ready to install. Front is a D30. I am waiting to get a lift and do it all at once. First question. I am thinking about a 4in Zone lift with 33s to start (Eventually want to go to 35s). If I put the zone lift on without adjustable CAs, will everything line up? Should I go ahead a get a SYE then too? Im not going to say money isnt an option but I am a firm believer of doing things right the first time. It will just delay the build until I can get all the pieces. I have looked at the BDS kit but they want $1600. I have heard really good things about Savvy/Curry lift but then again they are $2000. Are the lift in that price range worth it? My idea was to put the lift on with the 8.8 and SYE (if needed) and run my half worn 32s. Once they are worn run 33s. Once they are worn upgrade Jeep to accept 35s. The Jeep is my DD and want to hit be able to have a little fun in the mud and snow. I also want to get into some trails. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks

ou812 03-01-2012 10:17 PM

The 8.8 will require an SYE and adjustable control arms

i'd save a lil more and do it right,before the 8.8 goes in Id collect the sye and adjustable control arms

Save for the lift kit and install everything at one time

the driveshaft will have to be made for the ammount of lift so i see no point in installing the sye and 8.8.....then later on a 4" lift which will require a longer driveshaft.

you have one of the biggest cost wise parts,the 8.8
whats it going to hurt to wait it out a lil longer

also think about the gear ratio you need.
4.56 for 33's and 4.88 for the 35's so do that only once as well
4.56s will run 35" tires just fine but idealy 4.88 is the sweet spot for 35's

TnDz TJ 03-01-2012 10:22 PM

If you have the patience... do it all at once AND right the first time.

Since August-September '11', I have been collecting components... piece by piece....It's killing me! I am almost there. Should be picking up 33's this week for a smokin deal and then as time and money permits... the SYE and DS will be the last thing I need:

I have in my garage:

Complete set of axles loaded with 4.56's
5 Mickey Thompson Classics
8 adj. CA's
front and rear trackbars
Rear angled trackbar bracket

I need more money to finish... or more patience... sigh..

neverfastenough1 03-01-2012 10:27 PM

Was the 8.8 set up for a SYE, or stock? If it was, then no need for adjustables. If it wasn't, then it would probably be cheaper, or about the same, to have it set up for the SYE than to buy adjustables.

Rothern22 03-01-2012 11:00 PM

The 8.8 has 3.73 in it now which I planned on changing out to 4.56's before installation. Im not sure what you mean by set up for stock but it has a flange instead of a yoke. Not sure if that is what you are talking about. A little history on the 8.8. There is a guy close to me that has a deal with the local savage yard. When they get one in they sent it to him. He cleans them and sets them up to any jeep application and sells them on craigslist. Sells a lot of them and does a pretty good. I got the whole set up with all new brake equipment for 650.00 I thought that was a pretty good deal.

Alright so I guess I know I need a SYE, I can get one of this on order. I think I will hold off on the DS until I know the correct length shaft I'll need.

Is there any advantage of buying springs, CA's (if needed), shocks, track bars, ect. separate? I guess the Savvy lift is pretty bulletproof and probably cheaper than buying it all separate.

Yeah waiting is the worst part but I know it will be worth it and about the only way I can get it by the wife

ou812 03-01-2012 11:11 PM

Look at DPGoffroad,they have some very well put together kits that perform awesome on and offroad.

in most 8.8 cases like at east coast gear supply they set up your pinion angle according to your lift and your choice of sye or non sye

So adjustable control arms would probly depend on what angle that guy set it up at,probly stock cause he had no clue what size lift you had or wanted.

Rothern22 03-02-2012 12:33 PM

Thanks for the help guys

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