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6DEVIL16 12-29-2007 09:36 PM

Lubing Front Bearings "Ford" LN9000???
:eek:NEED HELP FROM MY JEEP EXPERTS or Truck Knowledge ....According to the manual the front bearings with six lugs have...
1. Filler Plug
2. Full Mark
3. Add Mark

With or without cover over wheel-bearings on. These 3 specifics cannot be found!!! I'm dumbfounded that the bearings are not only greased, but sit in a quart or so of 90wt oil... Anyone that can advise would be of great service... I'm planning on drilling fill holes but worried of over filling and getting oil on Big Trucks brakes...:confused:

Scotty355 12-30-2007 07:40 AM

I used to own an LN9000 with a cat 3208, it was a dog on hills. anyway when looking at the front tire from the side there should be a see through cap over the hub nut, in the center of this cap is a rubber plug that is the fill hole then around the outside of this plug should be two lines, the full and add, If you cannot see the oil in there definitely put some oil in. Keep an eye on the backside of your tires if there is oil visible on the tires the inner seal needs to be replaced.
The reason they sit in oil instead of grease is for the cooling properties of the oil bath.

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