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Tjdude08 03-05-2012 11:54 AM

piecing my own lift kit, opinions
ok so i am starting to piece my own lift kit together, i want it how i want it not just an incomplete kit. I have the major parts searched up I am still resesrching the little things but so far this is what i have,

Adjustable control arms:
Rocky road outfitters- $169 front and rear
$209 jonny joint
Rough Country- $179 front and rear

Coil springs:
Rocky road outfitters-$75 front $75 rear
Currie enterprises-$329 set
Teraflex-$229 front $229 rear for 3 inches
Rocky Road outfitters-$83 front $83 rear
Quadratec-$79 for 3 a pair front and rear
Sway bar links
Track bar
Superlift-$150 adjustable
Jks-$216 adjustable
now after seeing this could you guys give me opinions on what i should get or stay away from or if you have any other parts and companies to deal with.

i have a 99 tj and am only really wanting 3ish inches and later on maybe 1 inch bl but for now just 3 inches, all i am going to be doing is mainly trail riding and occasionally driving around town as it is not my dd,

thanks in advanced

TexasT 03-05-2012 04:43 PM

A few things I question...
1. there are 8 control arms...front uppers and lowers and rear uppers and lowers. Seems that price is very low for all of them.
2. If you go three inches you'll need to address the tcase by lowering it or putting a sye in.
3. You'll need to measure for rear drive may need a new one.
4. You will need bump stop extensions front and rear.
5. You'll need to address the rear track bar by getting a bracket to adapt yours or some adjustable rear track bar may work without the bracket.
6. Your front brake lines may need to be replaced if the oem are stretched.
That's a quick look....I'll add more as I think about it

Tjdude08 03-06-2012 05:36 PM

2,3,4,5 and five I didn't add because those I will by just from whoever I get the majority from or if I find a couple good sites. I hadn't forgot any of that actually

Just want to see what shocks and coils ride better together and what you guys have had good experiences with and with who you dealt with.

if there's springs. And I know there is. But if there are ones that are better or shocks also post it so I can look into them.

I planning on making a Frankenstein of a jeep

TexasT 03-06-2012 09:34 PM

I have a Teraflex long arm but did not care for the springs. After a few years they got very soft. I went with Rubicon Express 4.5 inch springs...they are very strong and have been on for five years with no problems. My shocks are edlebrock and while they work great, they are very stiff. All my stuff has been on the jeep for almost 10 years and the main thing I tell people looking at parts is to be sure they can change out components like bushings or rod ends on the products you buy. I made the mistake of buying some steering pieces that had parts that were not replaceable so when it wore throw it away...waste of money.

Flea Bite 03-06-2012 10:01 PM

Add back brake line, springs and spring stoppers, There is a braket for the rear sway arm that lifts it up away from the axle as well... I ll keep thing as well

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