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UsedRubi 03-06-2012 07:04 PM

Bestop carrier install today
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Put on the carrier today. I like the set up and it is very stable right now, can't imagine what will wear first though!

Two issues that Bestop should address:

#1 The jacknuts are jack----! Even if you get it to install it will end up causing your hinge mount to be lifted, not flat against the tailgate. Bestop ought to use a clip nut and a 5/16" hole for bolt to pass through and a 1/2" hole next to it to allow the clip nut to be placed. It wioll still be under the gasket and the tailgate is plenty stiff to deal with the extra hole. Same thing with the third light mounting hole. The jacknuts are worthless.

#2 The holes for the upper hinge arm that drill through the tub were off like many other peoples on the forum. Instead of wallowing them out, I bent the support bracket about 10 degrees more and the lined up enough to get the nuts on and suck it into place. If the bent the 90 degree angle to 100, maybe 110, the part would be fine.

Good day. Easy install, just a lot of wasted time trying to figure out a fix for the jack----s! I ended up installing a nut plate from my old airplane hardware stash. Decided to skip the third light as it meant another jack---- install!

some picks once done:

david95xj 04-27-2012 06:48 AM

do you have any suggestions instead of the Jack nut? I'm going to order this soon.

According to the instructions it looks like the older TJ (Mine is a '99) don't need the jack nuts because they already have that hole in the center of the bracket on the tailgate. Is that true?


UsedRubi 04-27-2012 01:30 PM

I think you're right, you won't need the jack nuts. Good thing because they are worthless.

If you have to add them I recommend you drill a small pilot hole and go inline with the hinge and put in a 1/2" access hole, upsize the fastener hole and slide a clip nut into the access hole back to the fastener hole.

You could pilot hole all the way through the tailgate, open up the inside to clear a socket and just bolt it on. Plug the inside hole or cover with silicone.

Anyway it works post some pics. Good luck.

david95xj 04-28-2012 06:18 AM

Thanks man,

I think i'm going to like this carrier over, the whole bumper/carrier. Its a cheaper set up and honestly there isn't a single bumper/carrier i really like.

I'll post pics when i'm done.

TJDave 04-28-2012 09:00 AM

I've had my Bestop tub mounted carrier installed for a year now. It is still working great holding a 35" tire, and I still like it so far.
The hardware does suck though. A suggestion I found on this forum: Before installing, I took the whole bag with me to the hardware store, and replaced all I could with grade 8 stuff.
No luck on the "jacked up nuts". My kit came with two. One for the bottom left mount (newer TJ's only), and one for the third brake light bracket. Good thing there was two, because the first one stripped out and was unusable. Older TJ's that come with 5 spare tire bumpers instead of 3 will not have to worry about this.
Since I did not have another "jacked up nut" for the third brake light bracket, like the OP, I said fuggit. I don't want to mess with another one of those ever again. I used the stock wiring, and mounted a 2" led in my spare tire center cap.

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