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TJNewbie 03-06-2012 10:40 PM

Baldwin County Alabama-Pensacola Florida trails
I found some mild trails in the area, I posted them awhile back. But recently a couple people have asked for directions, so I thought I re-post. here they are.

There's 2 places along the Alabama hwy 112/Florida hwy184- it's the same road it's just called different #'s in either state. go to type in Cantonment Florida, you'll see that Hwy 184 in a rectangular box it runs through cantonement east/west. get up there anyway you want. On hwy 184 there's the state line bridge going west. Just b4 the bridge on the left you'll see a tall narrow sign stating "Perdido Water Mngmt area" that's a pretty good area for those of us with "pretty much stock jeeps".

Then the other place is on the same hwy going west but when you cross the river in Alabama it turns to hwy 112, zoom the mapquest map in till you see Champion paper rd, and Moreno LN on the Lt then you'll see "River Rd" on your Rt (turn there), there"s another sign there stating the rules. then just print your mapquest map for reference if you want. Both places look like they have some river access but I didn't spend enough time to scout it all out. Tell me how it goes afterwards. the one in Florida has more sand and the one in Alabama had more clay. they're both free- open to 4x4 vehicals but not ATVs or Motorcycles.

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