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MountainRoad 03-08-2012 12:31 PM

Power locks on 99 TJ?? I want to remove them!
So I got my TJ last November. I wanted to remove the doors but there is an electrical cable running from the door into the jeep. This jeep has power locks. There is no disconnect or plug for this cable - remember this is a '99 and I am pretty sure power locks is not a stock feature.

I guess the previous owner wanted power locks. I, however, want to remove my doors. I also don't like the power locks as they do not behave they way you would expect. :nonono: Once I was locked out. Good thing the jeep isn't hard to get into with soft top.

My question is first am I correct in assuming that 99 wranglers did not have a power lock option?

Next if any of you have installed or removed power locks I would like to know how I may go about removing them.

Wheel2Work 03-08-2012 02:09 PM

You are correct about the '99 not having power locks...
You should be able to get door jamb contacts from radio shack, or a local parts store. By installing these, you should be able to remove the doors and not have to worry about the removing the locks.
If you are set on removing the locks though, you have to trace where the wiring is connected to the Jeeps harness and remove it from there (cut it out and insulate the ends) and remove the door panel to get to the lock mechanism (or coil the unused wiring into the door).

my98tj 03-08-2012 04:05 PM

just buy some sort of quick disconnects for them for when you take the doors off.

doclouie 03-08-2012 09:04 PM

If there is wires for the power locks and you do not want to trace them down then just cut the wires and make sure they do not short out on each other. I would buy some disconnects first.

MountainRoad 03-09-2012 09:27 AM

well I ended up removing the motors from the doors and cut the wires wrapping the ends in electrical tape so they wouldn't come into contact with anything.

Maybe the guy that installed them had a key-less remote entry but I didn't get any remotes when I bought the jeep from the dealer.

The power locks were really annoying. It would unlock both doors every time the engine cut off. But you couldn't lock both doors by putting the key in the driver's door and locking it. So every time I cut the engine off I had to reach across and lock the passenger door manually :rolleyes:

Then when the engine was started both doors would lock automatically. So if I had the door open started the jeep and got out and the door closed behind me then I just locked myself out of the jeep. :rolleyes:

Then I couldn't remove my doors because of the cable. :rolleyes:

Now no more power locks. No more cable. No more getting locked out. No more reaching across to the passenger door and locking it every time I turn off the engine and get out.

Power locks are the last mod I would have ever considered for the TJ.

Oh well. I took the doors off effortlessly and now I'm waiting on a sunny warm day.


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