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Smyln 03-10-2012 02:30 PM

Jk dana 44 front rearend. Were' the beef?
I have a 2012 jkur

I plan on gusseting the c's

I would like to get rs-e bombshell outer sleeves and weld trusses in.

I know guys also run cro-moly shafts and inner sleeve. I too will run cro-mol shafts

But with 35 tires what's the chances of me bending the axle tubes rock crawling with only the c's gusseted.

The reason I am asking is because most likely this will be done in three phases.

Phase 1) gusset c's and install lift.

Phase 2) weld outer sleeves and trus and regear to 4.56's

Phase 3) cro moly axels

My concern is whether I should what until phase 2 is completed to start running 35's Offroad. I will still wheel the stock 32's before and after phase 1.

I am thinking these axel housings shouldn't start to bend with 32" tires.

Thought, experience.

XJ Knight 03-10-2012 02:34 PM

2012 jku?

Edit: Nevermind :doh:

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