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DonC72 03-13-2012 09:51 PM

Whats the law in PA regarding tire coverage ?
Love my new wheels ( the combo....) but they stick out a good amount from the wheel well/ flares. I cannot for the life of me find the laws in my state. Someone posted some website in another thread and I still was unsure.

My inspection is up in May and I fear I am going to fail PA inspection unless I slap on my stockers (still for sale!) for the day.

I've never thought about it until after the fact. Might speed up my pocket flares purchase. Anyone have any idea or live in PA that have any suggestions? I'd say they stick out a good 3 inches.

Up Hill Bill 03-13-2012 10:43 PM

Here ya' go:

Pennsylvania Lift Laws | Vehicle Modification Rules

Tires must be covered by fenders.

crazyeye 03-13-2012 11:14 PM

As a jeep owner and inspection mechanic (and police officer), I usually let tires that stick out a little bit slide.....

By the rule... It must be covered by the fender flare. An inch or two is generally ok, as long as it doesn't look ridiculous.

Remember, inspection stickers or not, you can still get a citation for that as well (depending on the officer).

Alexia 03-14-2012 03:44 AM

The most I got away with was two inches sticking out.

I also had a set of stock wheels and tires laying around I would swap on. Could also ask a friend to borrow their set!

DonC72 03-14-2012 09:37 AM


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