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yj95wrangler 03-13-2012 09:04 PM

Headlight Help!!
So im driving at night no problem with low beams on, tonight I was coming down the mountain and flicked Hi beams on. about a mile or 2 later a car comes around the corner so I click low beams, only thing is head lights go out! flick hi beams nothing. I turn lights off and on nothing just park lights. so I pull over turn off Jeep give it about 5 mins start it up turn on headlights and they work, drive the remainder of the way home with low beams. turn on my street turn on hi beams go up street turn in my drive way turn to low beams and the lights go out again. and wont come back on until it sits a few mins. Anyone have any ideas. its happened once before and it only happens when I turn the hi beams on and then go to low beams.

DirtyRob 03-13-2012 09:39 PM

I have a had 2 jeeps do similar. It was the light relay the first time, and then the wiring on the light switch itself had some bad wires which appered to be from a loose wire, and it was getting hot, and cutting off

yj95wrangler 03-13-2012 09:52 PM

I appreciate your help, I figured it had to do with some kind of relay cause it only seems to do it from hi beams going back to low

olbaid_83 03-13-2012 10:14 PM

yeah that def sounds like relay issue. id start there.

Dutch 95 03-13-2012 10:27 PM

In particular, on your light switch, you will have a red wire with an orange stripe. It supplies both the low and high beam part of the switch. Check both connections and wire condition (a broken wire inside sheathing can do the same thing). Because the high beams draw more power, it can make a poor connection fail even when the low beams don't, but because both low and high don't work after the lights go out, it leads me to believe the common link (red wire with orange stripe, either wire or connections) is likely the problem. Hope this helps. There is a relay in the system, but only on the parking light side of the switch, and since they work, I'm not sure it would be the first suspect, not to mention it's in the wiring harness behind the dash (oddly not even in the wiring schematic for our year Jeep).

DirtyRob 03-14-2012 05:27 AM

What mine was doing was if I left the high beams on for a few minutes, they would go off, and come back on after a few minutes, and back off again. Very dangerous for driving. They never did it while on low beam, but like I said it happened the same way on two different Jeeps. I replaced the relay first, and it ended-up being the wiring melted going to the headlight switch both times. I repleced the switch also. This happened on my 95 YJ, and my 88 XJ. I don't have the 95 YJ anymore

Dutch 95 03-14-2012 10:02 PM

I think burned wiring must be pretty common on the YJ's I had burnt wires also. I think my wiper motor started my issues though. I imagine a lot of it comes from water when the cowl drain tube get's plugged with mud. I remember the first time I took a right hand turn after it rained. The water nearly filled my shoes.

ROBINGAGA 03-14-2012 10:43 PM

Good thinking..

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