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Mattwahl28 03-14-2012 03:47 AM

Electrical or WTF?!
99 jeep wrangler sport
Automatic trans
Overhauled 6cyl stock 4.0

Just overhauled the engine in my 99 wrangler. Did everything by the book.
When i reinstalled the engine I had all connections and hoses labeled and was able to put everything back like it was.

I set the timing sprockets by the book and put everything back in using pics and notes as well as labels.

Won't start. It turns over and sounds like it wants to start for a moment but no luck.
Won't turn over in park has to be in neutral.
When I try to turn on lights they don't come on but the wipers do.
When I push the horn the bright lights indicator and hazard comes on on dash.

The dash gauges seem to be normal until I mess with turn signal ,lights , horn or wipers.

Note, new gas , plugs , wires , have spark in plugs, used same distributor but *new cap. *Had valves worked by professional and bearings as well as piston rings. I put it all back together and torqued head and all parts using specs.

Could this be as simple as a new ECM or a series of problems?

Any insight at all is highly appreciated.:banghead:

Kevbz 03-14-2012 07:29 AM

I think your gremlin guages are just that, gremlins that have to be worked out. A ecm doesn't control any of that.

Is there a chance the distributor is 180 degrees off?

jefferyfghezzi 03-14-2012 07:47 AM

I would suspect you connected some of the wires incorrectly,missed a ground somewhere and you could be back feeding somewhere or pulling the ground from another grounding path. Try grounding the (-)battery post to the engne block with a jumper cable and another to the frame.

bc3_Jeep 03-14-2012 09:17 AM

X2 on the ground issue...... grounds that are loose or missing can cause all kinds of "gremlins"

As far as the "no start"...... I would also suspect distributor at 180 off....... suggest going back to basics..... setting #1 cylinder at TDC and checking to see if distributor is pointing to correct wire. This assume that timing is correct......

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