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ombilly 03-15-2012 12:26 AM

Going 4Wheeling for the first time tomorrow...what do I need to know?
Total greenhorn here. Just got a 1994 YJ 2.5L. It's got about 117,000 on it. Clutch is strong, engine is strong, tires are a bit worn (30" Mud Terrain with about 1/2" of tread left), 4wd works well. I've had it about a month and wanted to make sure it wasn't going to completely fall apart before doing anything offroad related.

I'm headed out to Carnegie Offroad Vehicle Park in NorCal. It's been raining a few days here and I'm told there is mud to be found there. It will be light rain tomorrow so I expect more rain.

This may sound like a stupid question but I've never owned a 4wd vehicle. What are the do's and don'ts one needs to know before heading out to somewhere there might not be cell phone service to do some mudding? FWIW I'm going with a friend that just picked up a 4wd XTerra and it was his idea to go out there.

Imagine I'm 5 years old if you explain something I might not understand. Thanks for any pointers on how not to get stuck or pop a tire.

Pontiackid87 03-15-2012 01:00 AM

Dont flip it. Dont chadwick it Dont blow it up.. have fun... ohh and dont wrap you thumbs in the steering wheel

ombilly 03-15-2012 01:16 AM

What exactly is chadwicking?

wrangler0 03-15-2012 04:23 AM

You have recovery gear? A winch?

I'd make sure to at least have a snatch strap in case one of you gets stuck in the mud.

daggo66 03-15-2012 06:43 AM

Do you have front and rear tow hooks?

Zurn 03-15-2012 08:15 AM

Some old off roading buddies of mine always had a saying. If you don't break something, you didn't have fun. Have fun!! just not too much fun

y0diggity 03-15-2012 09:04 AM

I was always told to keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down. Sounds like good advice to me.

**EDIT** Oh and the thumb thing above is really good advice too.

namasste 03-15-2012 12:00 PM

My advice is this..if you look at something and that inner voice says "hmmmm" or "uh-oh" then steer clear of it and live to fight another day. Sounds like neither of you have much experience and don't know this trail well. Just take it easy until you get a feel for what your rig can do in a reasonably controlled environment (translated: light wheeling). Once you get a feel, hit the trails with some experienced drivers who can be the voice of reason if you get over zealous or offer some encouragement to help you overcome your own trepidation if that happens to be the problem.

Most importantly, be safe and have fun. Without those two components, the rest is simply noise.

mwashburn 03-15-2012 12:08 PM

I am in norcal, and I much prefer Hollister Hills to Carnigie, it is for motorcycles, not to much 4wheelin trails... You should check out the Espritdefour club's off-road class at hollister, believe they have another one in May, very worth it! Will give you a controlled way to find out what you are doing!

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