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guitarplayer8793 03-15-2012 02:49 PM

Need some advice on new jeep!
I just purchased a 1990 Jeep Wrangler. It is in fantastic shape and has several upgrades (exhaust, soundbar, step bars, hard windows) I am just looking to spice the overall look of it up and need some help from the great jeep experts lol. Let me know parts etc.

Here it is:

Beachcruiser 03-15-2012 03:27 PM

Clean rig ~ good start!

First, decide how you are actually going to drive it. Then make a comphrehensive plan to get there. Don't go overboard on a rig that will only see dirt 3 times a year.

At the very least you should get a manual & drain/refill all your fluids in the driveline. Axles, Tcase, Tranny, etc. Give the brakes & saftey items a good once-over, too.

If it's a driver for occasional off road exploring, I'd start w/ some good tires (30's fit a stock YJ if it's not wheeled hard & even 31's are livable around town/beach, but will rub like crazy off-road) that weren't too horribly loud on the street, add a set of good lights to the bumper & make sure I had solid recovery points for when your buddies have to pull you out of the mud.

DirtyRob 03-15-2012 09:26 PM

Beachcruiser said it right. I would make sure that it is mechanically sound, and you know all the right fluid is where it needs to be.

Usually money is best spent on tires especially on a 4wd.
Decide what you plan to use it for mostly, and if it is going to 80% or more street a good all-terrain tire will be much better than a mud tire in a lot of ways. I had a set of 31" Uniroyal Laredo tires on my last YJ for street driving, and they would take me some places that most folks wouldn't believe, and I got better mileage with the all-terrains.
Next decide if you want to lift it and how high before you decide on the size of tire/rims you want.
Even if you plan to leave it stock, I would also look into better bumpers, a winch, and recovery points even if you don't go offroad much. They will be more useful than you may think.
I noticed you have the 2.5 4 cyl.......I wouldn't go with too big of a tire if you do any highway driving. I am non 33's with mine, and it really killed my 50+mph.
Best of luck to ya, and welcome to the madness :punk:

guitarplayer8793 03-15-2012 10:44 PM

Thanks for the advice guys! As of right now it is my only method of transportation so I wont be running it really hard off road just yet. I am looking for a good cheap lift kit to get it up just a couple inches. Any advice?

DirtyRob 03-15-2012 10:54 PM

It looks like you are in S.Carolina and if it has been a beach Jeep with the normal body mount rust I would steer clear of a body lift, otherwise that is always the cheapest option.
As far as a "cheap" lift other than a body lift, RoughCountry is the cheapest, and they even include new shocks which some others do not.

Some may say a shackle lift, but I wouldn't call that much of a lift as they can cause some funky steering, and invert your springs a bit. I would only do this if it was 1" or so that you are look to add on top of another lift

Beachcruiser 03-16-2012 07:22 AM

Switching to good 31" tires will raise the Jeep significantly. You can also gain tire room by switching to fender flares off a later TJ model.

How much do you want to spend lifting it? Are you going to install it yourself?

Join your local 4X4 forum can find some amazing deals on there & Clist. I found a set of 2" lift springs (about max you can go before changing other stuff) for 80 bucks total, w/ bushings.

Captainrichhill 03-16-2012 07:32 AM

I got the same ride. I love it!!! I have 31" BFG all Terrain. It runs good with those tires. Wouldn't go much bigger. Replaced all the bushings to tighten up suspension. If your steering is a little loose search threads for tightening it. Give it a good tune up (cap rotor wires plugs and coil filters and fluids) Check your brakes especially the rears.
Be safe,
Congrats on your purchase, you won't be dissapointed.


guitarplayer8793 03-17-2012 10:19 AM

Raising it 2 inches today. Putting new shocks on and putting in a cold air intake. Pics will be up later. The previous owner had it lowered so actually I can take it up a couple inches at no cost

guitarplayer8793 03-17-2012 03:11 PM

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New additions today :)

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