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flyinion 03-16-2012 08:38 PM

Potentially have a leak DOH
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Not sure if this is a leak or possibly caused by air pressure from shutting the driver's door flexing the seals and letting a bit of water run in. I didn't look until after I got in the Jeep and looked over at the passenger side. It's been raining all week though today may have been the heaviest (but I don't think so). I've never seen this before though.

The spot I'm talking about is the vertical drips on the green painted area. Ignore anything else because I got back out and walked around and opened the door to take a look and the roof seals peed water out when I did (which I believe is normal???). The carpet isn't wet, there was no water running over the bottom sill until I opened the door and it ran out of the channels, etc. It's like just a little bit ran down that spot in the picture. I've parked it out on the street when I got home instead of angled on the driveway or it's usual spot in the garage so I can see if it does it again in the same situation.

It's survived a leak test when I got it home the first week, and since then has been through a touchless car wash twice (once 2 weeks ago) with no leaking so my only real thought is the drain channels were full of water and when I got in and closed the door, air pressure flexed the seals just enough to break and let some in.

I'm not taking this to the dealer unless it keeps doing it or gets worse since it's not getting the carpet or other fabrics wet or anything. Anyway have a quick link to that dealer leak troubleshooting guide? I thought I didn't need it and so I never saved it off when it first got posted.

flyinion 03-16-2012 08:41 PM

Just to further note, the "drips" on the green there were about 3-4 lines on the flat part only, the rest is again from when I opened the door to get a better look.

PA ARCTIC 03-16-2012 11:43 PM

flynion, thats a tough call. never saw a leak from there. my first leak was at the upper part of the passenger door. leaking down on the rear part of door. after two attempts. dealer fixed. and, like you, i saw a few small streams of water on the bottom door sill. i blew it off. till last week i saw it again. it was after a rain. only when the jeep moved, it ran over the door sill. took it to the dealer, so they saw it first hand. had it a day and a half. they did this.......

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so far, so good.

here is the leak pdf you were looking for...

they really got to get a grip on these stupid leaks!! my god its 2012!!

i would see if it does it again. then take it from there. it could have been from just opening the door.

the thing that has me stumped, some do, some dont? i water tested mine BEFORE i signed the papers, but it took a long heavy rain to show up. (figures). but my dealer has been great in the area of fixing these damn leaks.

flyinion 03-17-2012 03:20 AM


Originally Posted by PA ARCTIC (Post 2149087)

i would see if it does it again. then take it from there. it could have been from just opening the door.

Nah I only opened the door BECAUSE I saw it and I was trying to investigate if I had a clogged up channel in the door seal. Oh and as far as the sill, what I meant was the water that hit that actually came from the channel in the freedom top against the windshield. The one that is supposed to drain down the front door seal. When I opened up the passenger door, Niagra Falls happened and splashed down on the sill. There was no actual leaking down there. Guess I wasn't as clear as I hoped when I described what I found :D

Until I opened the door, there was just the little bit on the painted area and that was it. Here's to hoping it doesn't happen again. This is the first time in the rain or any other water event I've noticed anything (and believe me, I check EVERY time). The Jeep sits in a work parking lot 8 hours a day and it's been raining since Tuesday so I think this is just a weird fluke.

PA ARCTIC 03-17-2012 04:46 AM

understood. what i meant is like you, i thought my sill leak was a fluke. you did a great job of showing where your area is. funny you mention EVERY TIME you check. i am the same.

flyinion 03-30-2012 12:12 AM

Ok so I found something today when I washed the Jeep and was drying off the door jambs and such. I found a seal folded over and under part of a metal "rail" as shown below and it looked like it was bulging into the door seal. Is it possible that this seal could have affected the water draining and made it back up and eventually seep through into the cabin? Chances are I probably caught it with a towel the last time I wiped down the jambs and didn't realize it since it never leaked previously in that spot shown above. Don't forget most of those drips above are from opening the door but that's the spot where 3-4 drip lines were the first time and one earlier this week after sitting in heavy rain for hours. None of them ever made it below the dash so it's just a minor minor leak. Just wondering if I may have found the cause.

Deformed seal:

Normal seal:

PA ARCTIC 03-30-2012 10:38 AM

Attachment 109435

this prompted me to take a pic of mine. in your first pic, it does look damaged. the bigger piece of foam you see is what they added last visit. i would look into getting that piece replaced and see what happens.

flyinion 03-30-2012 12:59 PM

Well, I'm going to see how it behaves now that I fixed the folded over bit. I think the passenger door seal might need to be replaced though. That little bit that sticks out from the seal's main line (next to where I circled in the first pic) is where the seal attaches to the outside edge of the door. It looks like about 2 inches of it has come unstuck from the door.

I also need to get a mm measurement device out and check the gaps against the specs in the leak troubleshooting guide. The drivers side is noticeably more space between the leading edge of the door and the trailing edge of the pillar so I wonder if the tighter space on the passenger side might be contributing to poor drainage too.

PA ARCTIC 04-01-2012 07:03 AM

for sure. after a long heavy rain friday night and driving in it for 35 min. i noticed not a drop. so apperantly the last fix posted above took care of the door sill leak.

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