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Jeep-O-Matic 03-18-2012 10:26 AM

I did some quick searching and didn't see anything like this...Years ago after doing an SOA/w 3/4 elliptic rear on my CJ-7, I ran into the limitations of any fuel system that relies on gravity to work. What I came up with could still be done for less than $100, if you have some good parts sources. (wish I had some pictures for you) I used the throttle body off of a 90-something Cadillac 4.1 , the ECM/wire harness from an early 90's chevy truck with 4.3 (probably any GM TB from that time period/engine size would have worked). The adapter plate was just off the shelf from Advance Auto Parts(with some added drilling and grinding) and the fuse block from a Neon. The thing ran pretty good just by adding power and plugging the TB in to the ECM(ran pretty rich), but add in the temp sensor and O2(or even so pots to adjust it yourself) and it was great. It would have run upsided-down, although I never got to prove that. :D

Edit:Almost forgot, I used an inline electric fuel pump off of a 90 something Thunderbird.

Timberwolf 03-18-2012 08:38 PM

to convert the 4.2, you can use the tbi, ecm, wiring harness and sensors from most 4.3 v6 gm trucks/astro vans from mid 80s to early 90s

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