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ESP 03-18-2012 02:07 PM

GoPro Hero 2 with Jeep question
Hi all, I bought a GoPro Hero 2 a few months ago and really like it. The only mount I have really isn't a mount at all but just the little adhesive clips that you can stick any where and the attach the camera too. I was wondering if there was a way to help with the "clicking" or "shaking" sound that you can hear when it's mounted while wheeling or going over bumps and stuff. I've tried both the water proof back and the skeleton back to the camera and gopro even recommends the skeleton backing piece to help eliminate some of the wind and road noise but it's still not that great. I would like to know what others do about this and does the suction cup mount $25 help with the noise at all?

Got to get this figured out by our next wheeling trip. Thanks

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