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Flipp 03-21-2012 02:42 AM

WEIRD DRIP like noise in Sahara 2012
Hey all,

iv recently purcahsed a new sahara 2012
have driven on road for around 800 miles and on one fine day to work i see a car (compact hyundai getz) stuck in the sand (soft sand)

i head towards it to tow it out of the sand...
now heres the thing, i dont know if i must have put the 4WD wrong or not, but i eventually managed to shift to 4wd and as soon as i towed it out of the sand and shifted back to 2wd once on road this WEIRD drip like sound begun and it sounds that its coming from behind the dashboard. it is quite low but now every time i turn the car on the same weird drip (oil or water drip) like sound comes out from behind the dashboard.

can anyone help on this as it is a brand new car i do not understand why it would make such noise??


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