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locked 03-21-2012 03:20 AM

8.8 with bad vibes..
I installed my 8.8 a few months ago, noticed i had a vibe and set my pinion angle to correct position, still vibing...i noticed the lateral position of the axle was "one-sided" so i adjusted and centered the axle..still vibing...
The 8.8's differential is offset from center and it needs to come over like 2 inches in order for the shaft to be straight inline..if i adjusted it out like it needs to be, im sure my spring perches will be hitting tire on the pass. side. I cannot take this vibe anymore, the hardtop makes it resonate so bad i get a headache driving it at 50mph. I have Tom shafts and SYE. My U joints are fine, Im guessing all i can do is adjust my lateral position over and run one wheel spacer on that pass side?! Anyone had this issue?
Im not wanting a lexus' ride going down the road, but this girl isnt driveable at 50+ mph, and getting to my Jeepin' spots takes its toll on me.
Ive been through everything underneath it, and the lateral position is the only thing i can think of thats causing it. The tranny mount is brand new, I just put a AX-15 in her, and new adjustable UCA's...any help is greatly appreciated..

TnDz TJ 03-21-2012 06:27 AM

Your lateral position doesn't matter as long as your pinion angle is correct (speaking of vibes here). The DC shaft from TW will compensate for compound angle due to the lateral offset AS LONG AS your pinion angle is 1-2* below your DS angle.

Take some some and post up....

Kevbz 03-21-2012 09:14 AM

do you have a SYE with a Double cardan joint Drivehaft? I think that's the only way to keep the pinion offset to the passenger side (thus your perches are in the right spot) and not have vibes

Kevbz 03-21-2012 09:17 AM

missed your info about having the SYE. Pinion angle sounds like the culprit.

You shouldn't have to go through all that trouble with spacers and sliding the axle over, don't hear of anyone else doing that and the 8.8 is pretty common a swap

scot68 03-21-2012 11:01 AM

The difference in the differential location between the 8.8 and D35 is only 2".. Do not move the axle laterally to compensate for the 2 inches keep it centered side to side. How is the pinion angle on your front drive shaft? Is your new trans mount Poly or Rubber?

burton160w 03-21-2012 11:36 AM

Your CV driveshaft is able to accommodate the shift in axle, that's not a problem. Post a picture of your drivershaft and pinion angle so we can see. Clear shots work best. As well, the other thing I can think of is your tires. Are your tires unevenly worn? Check tread depths and patterns. No need to run spacers and in some states they are illegal. You will have rubbing with some tires, and while I'm not an expert on backspacing, I believe the stock tires do rub. Again, someone will have to chime in because I don't remember teh backspacing on my wheels. :wavey:

locked 03-21-2012 06:17 PM

Thanks for replies, i do have the double cardan, tires are new, axle was new from rotor to rotor, i just dont understand...i will post pics of driveline soon...i set pinion angle with angle locator. New mount is oem replacement rubber. Im running new 35" super swamper TSL tires- which vibe on their own, but not like this. Front shaft removed to verify a rear vibe and it was still usually the one giving advice on vehicles, owning my own business...i feel like a goob not figuring this out.

Kevbz 03-21-2012 06:29 PM

is there anyway your adjustable control arms could of been set wrong, mis-read the dial indicator?

locked 03-21-2012 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by Kevbz (Post 2166107)
is there anyway your adjustable control arms could of been set wrong, mis-read the dial indicator?

I am human. I will recheck tomorrow when this freaking monsoon moves on through.
I am just glad the lateral position is not an issue with this driveline. I did alot of research on the 8.8 before my decision.I have something set wrong...somewhere.

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