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HowardJ 03-21-2012 04:08 AM

15" black rock 942's on JK?
Hey guys.. I have decided on these steelies.. There aren't too many (or really any) alloys that I'm fond of..
However, I was told that these steelies will rub my calipers if they are 15".
I'm not a huge offroader.. Do love it, but I'm sick of fixing everything in the meantime :P
I don't know if that helps my question or not..
Will it be OK if I run these in 15's on my JK?
Or do I need to dump some more money and get 33x12.5x16 and get the 16" steelies?

I prefer to keep it 15".. And I don't really want to to grind my calipers. And I Definitely do NOT want spacers.

So.. Are any of you fellas.. Or ladies.. Running these 15" wheels (or soft 8's) on your JK with no modifications?

Hoping to buy within the next week..
Thanks in advance. My brain is fried from looking at all of the wheel/tire threads I just decided to make a new post.

I'm looking at getting 33x12.5x15 duratracs and the wheel will be 15x8 w/ 4" bs.

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