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SinfulDragon 03-21-2012 06:57 PM

Rough idle out of the blue?!?!?!
So on my way home I stopped at the grocery store. The Mrs runs in as the kids and I wait in the jeep. See her come out and start up the jeep and it runs so rough, I wonder if its gonna die out on me!!

Get home and intake tube off. BLACK!!!! No worries, I'm a WranglerForum regular... I know what to do here. Enter throttle body cleaner, toothbrush, lint free cloth. Clean IAC, plates, etc.

HOLY HELL ITS SILVER DOWN THERE!!!!!! Black smoke POURS out of the exhaust as I clean it. Leave it running for 10 minutes, kill it for a couple hours.

Start it back up...... Smooth as silk!!!! :punk:

Just wanted to put this up for ideas if others see this problem as well I wanted to say thank you to everyone. Without coming here on a daily basis instead of working I wouldn't have read about how to clean this, I wouldn't know the symptoms and what to check due to them. this place is great!

Happy Trails!

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