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Yoshiltz 03-23-2012 01:22 PM

Fellow Jeepers
Ok, well I posted in the TJ (since I have a TJ) page but got no replies. So.... I figured I'd Try in here and see if maybe we can get a little more collective type results. here's whats up.

I'm relatively new to the Jeep scene and been wandering around on here for a few weeks now gathering ideas and information but haven't really had a whole lot of time to post or make myself known. Something I am interested in but haven't had much luck in finding answers to is parts interchangeability between years and models. As of right now I am a curious about tops. soft, hard, bikini and such. What fits what ? specific reasons some wont work with others what can be done for making stuff work all that good stuff. I am an experienced mechanic and fabricator so I'm not afraid to get extensive with different things but we all know its best to start with comprehensive info for better starting points. I'm mostly interested in info for tops at the moment But any interchange stuff would be great (engines,transmissions,x-fer,axles,hell anything that swaps). My specific application is an 01 4.0 auto (I hate automatics with a passion so I will be placing a 5 or 6sp soon as possible) Soft top, 2'' body lift (also going away soon) 32" tires, 60th anniversary pkg. pics to come soon. thanks in advance for any helpful input. You guys are a great resource and I plan to start making my contributions soon.

Xpress 03-23-2012 02:12 PM

You will need to get a soft top for a TJ, other model tops are different in their fitment, height, length, etc.

Bestop 51710-15 - Bestop® Supertop® with Upper Doors for 97-06 Jeep® Wrangler TJ - Quadratec

That is for a TJ with half doors, they have models for full steel doors and fabric doors as well.

The TJ's also use the same 4.0HO powerplant as the late YJ's, and a lot of the powertrain components are interchangeable. Not sure about the autos', but the manuals were the AX15 behind the 6 cyls, AX5 behind the 4 cyls. They also got the NP231J transfercase on both models. Front axle is a Dana 30, rear is a Dana 35, which is notoriously weak by design. Only a TJ D30 or D35 will swap in, as the TJ's use coil springs, the YJ's have leaf springs.

Yoshiltz 03-23-2012 03:14 PM

OK. Cool. Didn't know if I could make something fit. I appreciate the input

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