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Eaglektd 03-23-2012 04:05 PM

New Wheels and Tires
So on Wednesday I was greeted with new wheels and tires in the morning, which I then had to wait to play with until I returned from work. I had ordered 33x15.5 Duratracs on 15" MB72's thanks to ESP for the info before he got bit by the 35" bug. I replaced my 17" wheels (not sure what brand they are they look like MT Classic II's but the center hub is unmarked and I see no brand stamp on them) wrapped in Nitto Terragrapplers 295/70. I also put in some grill mesh I got from Morris 4x4 for $44, although I think the DIY gutter guard looks great and is inexpensive; I am far too lazy to attach that many anchors to the inside of my grill :blunt:.



I love the way the Duratracs ride, switching to a C load rating from the D rating of the Nittos. They are also much lighter and my tailgate has stopped rattling since putting the new spare on the carrier back there. A big thanks to Matt and Adrien over at Discount Tire Direct for getting everything taken care of, and for the UPS guy not abusing the tires during shipping; they are perfectly balanced with no wheel weights in odd places. The only weird thing for me is how different the tire specs are when the companies list them. The Nittos in a 295/70R17 supposedly measure 33.6x11.6 but to correct my speedometer I had it set for a 32.25" tire. Similarly for the Duratracs 33x12.5 supposedly measure 32.8" speedo is set for a 31.25" tire diameter and it is still 1-2mph faster than your actual speed in the 60-70mph range. I love the black on black for the wheels and tires and if I thought I loved driving it before it is so much more a joy to do so now :punk:. It's like driving a cloud that I also want to sleep with.

I will also be selling my old wheels and the tires for $500 in the DC metro area. Wheels are in good shape no trail rash or dings 17x9", 5-127mm (5x5) bolt patern not sure of brand but look like MT Classic II's although hubs are unmarked and I don't see any stamps on the exterior of the wheel. Tires are Nitto Terragrappler 295/70R17; evenly worn and have about 4/32" left on them spare is new, never rotated in.

Pay no attention to the grassless wasteland that is my backyard.

RedBones 03-23-2012 04:08 PM

Looks good, putting mine on next weekend.

07XMan2Door 03-23-2012 04:11 PM

Nice! The black wheels look good on your red jeep.

kbwwolf 03-23-2012 04:58 PM

^^^ Agree. Jeep looks fantastic. Lost a fair bit of weight, too. :thumb:

Casotakar1229 03-23-2012 05:00 PM

those look awesome...kind of regretting not getting duratracs now, BUT I will have some this summer if everything goes to plan. and by the way, I love the wasteland backyard, perfect for bon fires!

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