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Escobarclan 03-24-2012 03:37 AM

Grinding in 4 hi only?
Hey guys, been looking all over for a thread with this issue but nothing seems to match.

While testing the 4wd for the first time I went into 4 hi while sitting still, it goes in easily but when I started moving I noticed a grinding/winding noise. Hard to determine where it's coming from.

When in 4 low there was no noise at all, sitting still or moving. Neutral, 2wd and 4 low work fine. Because only 4 hi makes this noise I'm sure it must be in the tranny or t.c.

Any ideas? Thanks Guys.........

kik 03-24-2012 07:11 AM

I have an 89 4.2 and have always had "whine" to some extent. Hard to determine how loud yours might be in order for it not to be normal. Grinding definately is not. I would do a front diff and transfer case fluid change first. That solved the "whine" I used to have out of the rear diff.

Escobarclan 03-25-2012 04:15 AM

Fluids are good and new. I've had plnty of cj's and at least know about the normal whining sounds.

This sound is LOUD. I've had plenty of Jeeps before but never any tranny or t.c problems so this noise is new to me. She still engages and goes.

I'm gonna put it back into 4hi tomorrow on a soft gravel road and try to get it up to and in 2nd and hopefully higher gears and see what the noise does. If it doesn't change in different gears then I think it would be the t.c right?

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