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ellbee 03-24-2012 05:38 PM

Problems with Rear brakes
Feeling like a D*** A**. Changed out the Front and Rear brakes on Grandsons 97 TJ today. Front went fine. Replaced everything on rear brakes and the old or new Drum will not slip over the pads. Made sure pads are the right ones and they are. Drum is same size as old one. Brakes are adjusted all the way closed. Have fought it all afternoon, it's Crown time. Has anyone ever ran into to this. Gonna try and tackle again tomorrow before I start throwing stuff. Any advise appreciated.

Angleton, Texas

Kevbz 03-24-2012 08:40 PM

Two things come to mind, one the spreader bar isn't seated right, had that happen to me once.

Or the new drum is out of round. I bought a new one and it was warped from the manufacturer and wouldn't fit for anything, took a while to figure that one out.

ellbee 03-24-2012 09:16 PM


Are you talking about the adjuster or the bar with spring at top?

Kevbz 03-24-2012 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by ellbee

Are you talking about the adjuster or the bar with spring at top?

That bar that is forked on each end. One end is forked wide, one is forked smaller. The wide end goes to the rear of the axle. If it's swapped you shoes may not close all the way

ellbee 03-25-2012 12:14 PM

Unfortunately, that is correct. Will keep searching and fighting. Thanks

Kevbz 03-25-2012 12:43 PM

well let see....

i just tore down some brakes a few months ago and will rattle off a few things off the top of my head..maybe it will help.

From the top the two shoes are seated tight in the center pic, with the little batwing thing behind the new springs.

the wheel cylinder is compressed and not pushing on the tabs on the shoes.

new springs are hooked to the shoes and around the pin in the center.

the spreader bars is orientated the right way and is seated up high on the front shoe (there is two "notches" and it goes on the upper one. the spring is not holding it out from seating all the way?)

the retaining clips are compressed and holding hte shoes to the backing plate.

the start adjuster is screwed down to its smallest setting.

the keeper spring behind the star adjuster is connected to both shoes

the cable is running from the center pin up to to the star adjuster lever

that was just me rattling things off. I'll post a bunch of pictures I took of my complete brakes on correct

Kevbz 03-25-2012 12:46 PM

some random pics to compare

Bubblehead 03-25-2012 01:52 PM

Make sure parking brake cables are released all the way . Very common to have them not release all the way

jeepwayoflife 03-25-2012 03:31 PM

Hehe we were having trouble getting my friends rear brakes off and it was because we had left the emergency brake on :banghead: best of luck

ellbee 03-25-2012 08:55 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions. I did look at everything this morning and it all looks good. Your pictures look just like mine. Had to go for a bike ride this afternoon. I am starting a Shutdown tomorrow and needed to get away for a bit. I know the E-Brake is not on, however it might be stuck. Will look at it after work on Monday. Thanks again for the ideas and pictures.


tangofox007 03-25-2012 09:05 PM

Do you have the primary and secondary shoes paired properly?

ellbee 03-25-2012 09:08 PM

do you mean one thin and one thick?

tangofox007 03-25-2012 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by ellbee (Post 2181621)
do you mean one thin and one thick?

One long and one short (lining) would be more like it.

Typically, two secondary shoes together mean the drum won't fit.

ellbee 03-25-2012 09:14 PM

One long and one short each side. They are also different thicknesses

ellbee 03-25-2012 09:21 PM

I have the short shoes on the back and the long one on the front. I thought it was strange they were different thicknesses.

tangofox007 03-25-2012 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by ellbee (Post 2181692)
I have the short shoes on the back and the long one on the front.

That would be backwards.

ellbee 03-25-2012 09:38 PM

Thanks. I will change first chance I get. One would think the diameter would be the same either way. Thanks again.

tangofox007 03-25-2012 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by ellbee (Post 2181790)
One would think the diameter would be the same either way.

So it would seem. That might not be your only problem.

ellbee 03-26-2012 08:16 PM

Got it going. E-Brake was stuck. :thumb:

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