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lowes87 03-24-2012 10:18 PM

new to jeep help please
engine is a 2.5L ,ok i bought this jeep from a guy he said he wiped a cam lobe already takin apart and he was correct. i installed new cam/lifters part number(CL-SRC-9), timing chain and tensioner were damn near new so i didnt put new one, put all new gaskets including head and also new valve seals, new plugs gapped as per specs around 38 or so, made sure timing chain was installed right not my 1st engine build. 2.5L 4-CYL - VIN [H] :: 1984 - 1991 :: Jeep Cherokee XJ :: Online Manual Jeep used this page. ok now for the problem it will not start for the life.. it will kinda pop now and then but no definite type of light off things done 1. check timing for dist/dizzy. checked good,(oil pump a lil after 3 oclock postion 2. dist rotor at 6 oclock position (firing order right)its on intake manifold) 3. fuel pumped check getting fuel and it turns on like it suppose to. 4. have spark (100%) 5. checked compression 1(120) 2 (95) 3 (130) 4 (95) 6. getting fuel to all cylinders) 7. even tried starting fluid/carb cleaner 8. injector working 9. checked cps for connection 10. pulled valve cover and made sure valves were closed in each cylinder on there compression stroke. 11.checked all vacuum lines there hooked up and good anybody else know what else to check

Xpress 03-24-2012 10:30 PM

If you have an aftermarket distributor, the timing mark on it is incorrect. Every dizzy I have bought has had the timing mark improperly marked, by one plug (I've bought Napa, AutoZone, CarQuest, Advanced auto Parts, etc, not OEM yet) Unplug all of the plugs and move the mark on the cap one in the counterclockwise direction.

lowes87 03-24-2012 10:36 PM

timing chain
im doing some more reading on timing chain and it says to count links after install i would think that if timing chain is installed without head on like i did it it would be perfect.. i do know what your talking about on the wires either way i move them it doesnt help ive also tried that but no luck

lowes87 04-02-2012 11:12 PM

i got it running i went and bought a book and just followed the instructions and it was good except for the dist. the one in the jeep is a motorcraft one (dont know why) and i finally just 180 the dist because it was popping through intake so i been around long enough that the timing is not right but i knew 100% the timing chain was right and it fired right up with doing this

ok for those doing a search i hate to tell you but just go buy a book even with a step by step guide with pictures its much easier with a book, and if this is your 1st time doing a timing chain its probably not the one to learn on, just being honest

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